We need water

by bobsbrains

Start just fcking start, dolectures2015

It’s over and has just started. Over the past few days I have been centrifuged in a washing machine of possibilities. I was hit by more ideas than a head can carry. All in an idyllic place in the middle of nowhere, buzzing with more energetic, interesting and interested people than a person could wish for.

The magic is in the indescribability. The creation of memories with people that were unreachable heroes only days before. Who appear to be as fascinated by you as the other way around. Truly. The exchange of thoughts rather than content-lacking admiration. Brain picking. Being enabled to think in initiatives rather than fear. Being encouraged to share your stories and stupid ideas in order to find out that the only thing stupid about it would be not to pursue them.

The magic is in the curiosity. The eagerness to learn, listen and share. Jeans maker meets fruit juicer meets originalist meets action researcher meets bit con entrepreneur meets incredible teenagers meets Spielzeug meets brave biker woman meets you. The avidity to interact. Face to face. To inspire and be inspired. To dance, eat incredibly well, drink gin in a secret bar and warm your frozen ass by the campfire. To spin and keep spinning. To take as much inspiration as possible and pour it over others. Others who haven’t had the possibility yet to be there, at the small venue in the middle of nowhere, in the centre of the universe. Because we all need water.

@Dolectures, Wales 2015